Emergency Dental Care From Your Dentists in Staten Island

When it comes to dental emergencies, every second counts. At Drs. Galligan & Villa Dental Studio in Staten Island, NY, we're here to help when dental pain, injuries, and emergencies arise. Call us now to receive the care you need!

When should I seek out emergency dental care?

Common types of dental emergencies that require immediate care include knocked-out teeth, broken or cracked teeth, severe toothaches, extreme swelling, and any other kind of dental trauma.

What can happen if I don't receive emergency dental care?

If left untreated, dental emergencies can result in long-term damage to your teeth and gums. And in the case of a tooth that's seriously infected and requires a root canal treatment, not receiving care right away often leads to painful and costly procedures down the line.

What should I do until my emergency can be treated?

Until you see us, try the following:

  • If your tooth has been knocked out, try and locate it. Hold it by the crown (the top of the tooth) and gently rinse it with water. If possible, try and place the tooth back in its socket until you see us.
  • For a fractured tooth, rinse the area with warm water, apply a cold compress when needed and go to see us as soon as possible.
  • If you've lost a filling, bridge, or crown, use a piece of sugarless gum to temporarily cover the area and see us as soon as possible.
  • For severe pain or swelling, use an ice pack to reduce discomfort and take over-the-counter pain medications when needed.

Are you experiencing a dental emergency in Staten Island, NY? Call us at (718) 305-1224 our friendly team now! We’ll do everything we can to care for your smile right away!

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