Dental Crowns & Bridges From Your Dentists in Staten Island, NY

A viable way to fill the space created by one or more missing teeth, dental crown and bridge treatment from Drs. Galligan & Villa Dental Studio in Staten Island, NY, can help patients improve their chewing function, boost their confidence, and rejuvenate their smile.

What is a dental crown?

Used to protect and strengthen a weakened or damaged tooth, a dental crown maintains the appearance, shape, and strength of the tooth while also acting as an anchor for a dental bridge. Often made with porcelain that closely resembles the color of your natural teeth, dental crowns also serve as a “cap” for a dental implant and recreate the look of a natural tooth.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic restoration that “bridges” the gap caused by a missing tooth. Made from porcelain, porcelain-fused metals, gold, or silver, the bridge is anchored to dental crowns on one or both sides of the gap, with a replacement prosthetic tooth filling the empty space.

Is anyone with one or more missing teeth a candidate for this service?

While most patients with one or more missing teeth are likely to be a candidate for crown and bridge treatment, their teeth need to be healthy and free of decay in order to ensure a successful procedure. Rest assured that we will thoroughly evaluate your mouth to determine if this is the best tooth-replacement option for you.

How long do these restorations typically last?

While careful daily oral hygiene habits can help them last for many years (many of our patients experience benefits for more than a decade), they will experience natural wear and tear from daily use and will eventually need to be replaced.

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