The Best Dentists in Staten Island

If you’ve stumbled across our website because you’re searching for the best dentist in Staten Island, you can stop. No, not because we are the best dentists in Staten Island but because there’s truly no such thing as the best dentist. See, our practice has been around for over 30 years because we believe in honesty, transparency, and putting our patients first. Whether you’re coming to us for cosmetic procedures such as veneers and implants, or if you’re just stopping by for a routine check-up and cleaning, we put your best interests first.

Now, lots of our patients claim that we are the best dentists in Staten Island. In fact, we have over 60 perfect five-star reviews online. In addition, we have glowing client testimonials on Yelp and on Facebook. Time and time again our patients praise us for our care and the results that our dentists provide. We believe in fair prices and for larger dental expenses, we offer very affordable financing options. Going to the dentist shouldn’t be scary, and it should not be something you avoid due to financial fears. Our motto is to make smiles great again. In this article, we are going to touch on some of the core procedures we focus on. We will also touch on some of the accolades and accomplishments of our dental team.

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How to Find the Best Dentist For You and Your Family 

Don’t lose sleep scouring the internet trying to find a dental office. If you really want to learn how to find the best dentist for you and your family it’s not by reading articles online. We know what you’re thinking, you’re currently reading our article. Sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? The point of our article today isn’t to sell you on our practice. Instead, we’re trying to provide insight and ways that patients and parents can help determine which dental office may be best suited for their needs. Each person has unique needs, every family has certain things they put more emphasis on. We know that, we understand that, and we may or may not be the right fit for you and your loved ones. Maybe we are, but you can’t find that out by reading about us online. So, what do you do when you want to find a permanent dentist for you and your family?

The answer is actually quite simple, ask questions. See, in order to choose a dentist, you have to first gather information about a dentist. While reading online reviews, medical profiles, and patient testimonials are helpful, it’s not the same as talking to an actual dentist. Different people have different personalities. You want to make sure you get along with your potential dentist before you introduce them to your children and before you trust them with your own teeth. The point is this, take a time to interview a dental practice before settling on one.

Your relationship with your dental practitioner will most likely be long term. Especially if you have young children. So make sure you ask lots of questions to find the best dentist in Staten Island for you and your family.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Dental Office 

We know that new patients have lots of questions. That’s why we always offer a free consultation. You can call us at (718) 984-7700 to discuss our services with a team member. If you’re searching after hours, you can click here to fill out our 24-hour patient contact form. Or, if you want to check out some of our before and after photos and testimonials, you can click here to access our Smile Gallery. If you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to find a dentist, keep reading below. Here are some things to consider when selecting a dental office.


It’s always important to dig into the reputation of a dentist or medical practitioner. Past and present patients may have similar concerns and medical needs that you and your family share. Finding out information about their experiences may help you determine if you believe the dentist is a fit for you. Some patients prefer blunt answers, some patients like soft and comforting answers. Some patients are very concerned about cosmetic history and accomplishments, other patients may want to focus on client testimonials and reviews. Regardless, do some homework to see if the dentist stacks up to your expectations on a moral level.

Office Environment 

Let’s be real, let’s not sugar coat anything. Most people hate going to the dentist. In fact, most people avoid the dentist. We’re here to put an end to that. So, if you happen to be one of the patients that dreds or fears the dentist, you want to find an office that is inviting. Feeling safe, relaxed, and comfortable at the dentist can make a world of a difference in your overall experience and dental health. Most of all, if you have kids and you want them to build a positive relationship with their dentists, they need to feel safe as well. Our office is beautiful inside and out, and our staff makes your visit feel like a day at the spa. Even better, we LOVE kids and go all out for our young ones.


Going to the dentist isn’t on anyone’s top priority list. Unless it’s a flat out emergency, most people will find any excuse they can to skip the trip to the good ole’ dentists’ office. So, what’s our point? Location, location, location. Just like in real estate, picking a dentist should also come down to location and how easy it is to get to from your home or place of work. If you make it convenient for you and your family to visit the dentist, chances are, you will go more often.

Schedule an Appointment with a Dentist in Staten Island 

We hope you enjoyed our newest dental article. Make sure to stop by often to check out updates to our staff, services, and patient reviews. We also post videos and before & after photos throughout the month, so swing on by if you have any questions. If you would like to schedule an appointment with a dentist in Staten Island click here. Well, we touched on how to find a dentist as well as things to consider when selecting a dentist. Below are additional resources about our practice and our Staten Island dentists. Remember, if you have any questions please call us at (718) 984-7700.