Do you have the knowledge to pass our teeth whitening true or false quiz? If you have been reading up on teeth whitening or if you have seen a lot of commercials for over-the-counter whiteners, you might be surprised at some of the answers to questions.

True or False – Professional Teeth Whitening Is More Effective Than Over-the-Counter Whiteners

True! Dentists have the ability to prescribe teeth whitening agents that are far more potent and effective than over-the-counter products. The whiteners that you buy at the store simply cannot perform in comparison with a professional teeth whitening can.

True or False – Teeth Whitening Does Not Work on Veneers or Composite Fillings

As much as we wish that this particular teeth whitening true or false claim was false, it is actually true. For this reason, if you plan on getting porcelain veneers or any other dental work done, we generally recommend having your teeth whitened first. Then, after your teeth have settled into their new shade, you can match that shade with your veneers or fillings.

True or False – Whitening Your Teeth Will Make Them Very Sensitive

False. While you may have a bit of heightened sensitivity in the first few days after whitening, this should fade away shortly. Teeth whitening is completely safe, will not harm your enamel, and will not cause your teeth to be significantly more sensitive than they normally are. It will, however, give you a brighter, more beautiful smile.

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