At some point in your life, you have seen someone wearing traditional braces to treat malocclusion, which is the term used to describe when the upper and lower teeth don’t fit together as they should. There is no denying that traditional braces help correct the problem, but as a teenager or adult who needs their teeth straightened, you may be unwilling to wear those obtrusive metal brackets on your teeth. However, you can still get the straight smile you want – you just need to speak to one of our dentists at Galligan & Villa Dental Studio about Invisalign®.

Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is a treatment for malocclusion that works in a similar way to traditional braces, albeit without the obvious metal on your teeth. This teeth-straightening option is also known as clear braces. They fit right over your teeth, and can’t be seen by others when you are speaking or laughing. Additionally, these clear braces work more quickly to help you finish your teeth straightening treatment faster.

How It Works

Invisalign clear braces are created using a thermoplastic material. The aligners can easily be removed, and they eliminate the need for adjusting metal wires and brackets in order to move your teeth into the correct position. The entire process can take up to one year to complete, but the actual length of treatment depends on the severity of the malocclusion.

Your treatment will consist of your dentist fitting you for the plastic trays that you will wear throughout the straightening. Each tray is worn for around two weeks before moving on to the next tray in the series. While you can’t eat or drink with your aligners in, you will need to wear them for as close to 22 hours per day as possible to see the best results.

After you’ve completed the succession of trays for your Invisalign clear braces, your teeth will be straight and aligned, just as you’ve always wished they were. All you’ll have to do is wear a retainer at night that your dentist will have custom-made for you, and your teeth will remain perfectly straight.

Benefits of Invisalign

With Invisalign treatment, you can achieve the straight, beautiful teeth you’ve always wanted without the unsightly metal braces that are frequently used. You won’t have to worry about your professional appearance – or being jabbed by metal during the straightening process. If you’re ready to find out more about clear braces, contact Drs. Galligan & Villa Dental Studio today.