The patients that write Dentist reviews in Staten Island usually talk about how important the time the Doctor spends discussing the procedure is to them. Many compliment the Dentist who explains the procedure they are undergoing carefully and doesn’t rush through the explanation so they can proceed. Being easy to talk to is another quality mentioned in these reviews as well as the attentiveness of the entire staff.

Dentists that want to improve their practice need to focus more on their patient’s overall comfort and ways to create a soothing environment in both the waiting area and the dentist’s chair. Its best to find a dentist that remembers that some anxiety is normal and any way to alleviate that anxiety or nervousness can make both the patient and the dentist work better together.

Personality traits that patients require

The American Dental Education Association has identified 10 personality traits that successful dentists possess. As noted above, the dentist should be easy to talk to and be a good communicator. The most trusted dentist will also be the one who shows care and concern during procedures and passion in their work because it does help others.

The most highly reviewed dentists communicate well with their patients and this, in turn, engenders the trust that the patient needs to ultimately relax. In dental reviews about our office, we are proud to say that we have seen our communication skills complimented and our time spent with patients as greatly appreciated. If this sounds like what you are looking for in a General Dentist, please contact our office for an appointment soon.