Your choice on whether you want your dentist to use inlays or onlays in Staten Island, is a choice between minimally invasive dentistry vs. a more aggressive approach. Minimally invasive dentistry is the concept in that original tissue preservation should be the goal in both preventive dentistry and when a dental procedure is necessary to save a tooth. The choice between an inlay or onlay, for instance, would be less invasive than getting a crown or replacing a tooth with an implant.

The Differences between Overlays, Underlays, and Crowns

An overlay is the repairing of a tooth that has been chipped or compromised by decay on the cusp or edge. An underlay will repair the inside part of the tooth between the cusps like many of the fillings that the Top Rated Dentists in Staten Island have done in the past. In both procedures, the tooth is drilled to remove the damaged area of the tooth and then a mold is taken from the tooth. On a subsequent visit, the replacement will be bonded into place with an adhesive, restoring the tooth to its original shape and function.

A crown requires much more drilling of the tooth, and healthy tissue is sacrificed to make placing the crown easier and its bonding with adhesive more reliable. Crowns can be more expensive than overlays and they have the same success rate as the other options.

The Dental Studio of Drs. Galligan and Villa has performed all three of these procedures with great success for all our patients. Contact the office today for an appointment and discuss whether one of our minimally invasive dental procedures such as an onlay is for you.