Invisalign has been around for a few years, and – as a result – a lot of people assume that they already know everything about this treatment with clear braces. However, you may be surprised at some of the answers on this Invisalign true or false quiz.

True or False – You Should Wear Invisalign Trays at Night

True. In fact, if you want your Invisalign trays to really be effective, you should not take them out for more than about two hours per day. If you only take them out when you eat, when you drink beverages besides water, and when you brush and floss your teeth, you will be on track.

Did this Invisalign true or false answer surprise you? Let’s see if any of the other information here catches you off guard.

True or False – Invisalign Takes as Long as Metal Braces, Usually Three or Four Years

False! In most cases, Invisalign treatments will take between eight months and a year. You will start with a set of trays very close to the current shape of your teeth, and each set of trays will be progressively more aligned. You will wear each set for about two weeks throughout the process.

True or False – After Treatment Most Patients’ Teeth Shift Back Out of Place

False! After you are finished with your Invisalign trays, your dentist in Staten Island will have a custom retainer made for you. If you wear this at night, it will keep your teeth from shifting out of alignment, and you will enjoy perfectly straight teeth for years to come.

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