A tooth that has already been filled with dental amalgam, which is a mixture of mercury, silver, tin, and copper, may fracture or need more work done due to further decay. That will usually leave two options which include fitting the tooth with a crown or preparing it for an inlay. A tooth that can be saved instead of replaced may be best served with an inlay instead of a crown.

Inlays vs. Crowns

Inlays in Staten Island are typically less expensive than crowns, and they do save more of the original tooth. This will, in turn, keep the surrounding teeth healthy and even contribute to better bone health in the patients’ jaw. An inlay can be made of ceramic or gold. Crowns can also be made out of these two substances. Gold has always been used by dentists over the years due to its durability, but more recently the ceramic choice is being made as it looks more natural.

In the case of an already filled tooth, the filing and more recently damaged area of the tooth will be drilled out by the dentist. A mold will then be taken of the tooth to be fitted with the inlay and sent to a lab for construction. The patient will then have the inlay placed during a second visit. This is similar to the way a crown is constructed, and it also will be placed during a second visit.

If you are in Staten Island and want to save as much of your tooth as possible contact Drs. Galligan and Villa Dental Studio through our website or phone. We have replaced many filled and damaged teeth with both inlays and crowns and can do the same for you.