If you’ve ever covered your mouth while laughing, or you never show your teeth when you smile, chances are you are self-conscious about your teeth. Whether it’s due to having cracked, chipped or missing teeth, or even discoloration, cosmetic dentistry can help.

Cosmetic Dentistry Options

There are a number of cosmetic dentistry options available that can help you achieve the bright, straight smile you want, regardless of what your teeth issues may be. In some cases, all that might be needed is teeth whitening to make you more confident and ready to smile, while other situations may require porcelain veneers, crowns, implants or even Invisalign® to help straighten your teeth. No matter what your issue, the first step is to visit your dentist and find out what the best options are for your unique situation.

What to Expect

After giving you a thorough dental exam, our cosmetic dentist will work with you to help you decide which cosmetic dentistry procedure you are most comfortable pursuing. Each procedure requires different steps for completion, so you may find that one suits you better than others may. No matter what you decide, you will be on your way to a happy, healthy smile you’ll never feel like hiding again. The following are the most common options available when you choose cosmetic dentistry.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a popular option for those who have discolored teeth due to age or habits such as smoking or drinking coffee and tea. Rather than having to deal with unsightly stains, or even if you just want a brighter, whiter smile, Drs. Galligan and Villa can make it happen with KŌR professional whitening services. After a single session, which only requires one hour, you’ll notice that your teeth are significantly whiter.


Dental crowns are another option that your cosmetic dentist will discuss with you, especially if you have cracked weak or misshapen teeth. Crowns are available in a variety of materials and are fitted over the teeth that have issues. Once in place, no one will ever know they aren’t your natural, healthy teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are a great option for those who have damaged enamel, small gaps or broken teeth, and they fit right over your teeth to create a straight, healthy smile. They also provide you with a brighter smile as well, which is sure to make you feel like smiling.

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry for a whiter, healthier smile, visit Drs. Galligan & Villa Dental Studio to find out more about the cosmetic dentistry options available.