General Dentistry At Homegeneral dentistry at home

Caring for your teeth includes visiting your dentist in Staten Island at Drs. Galligan & Villa Dental Studio regularly, taking care of any dentistry procedures that you need to keep your teeth in good repair, and also performing general dentistry at home. Beyond brushing and flossing, did you know that there are a variety of preventative dentistry procedures that you can do at home and in your life to protect your teeth? As your general dentistry specialist, here are some things we recommend including in your regular dental care routine.

General Dentistry at Home Includes Proper Brushing and Flossing

To get back to basics, brushing and flossing are still the most important types of general dentistry at home that you should be doing. But it is important to do them correctly. ADA-approved toothbrushes should be used, and you should always brush and floss at least twice per day. Be sure that you are brushing your tongue to remove bacteria, and that you are flossing very thoroughly. Food and debris between teeth are the leading cause of decay and cavities.

Flossing should always be done with a sawing motion, and the floss should be held in a “C” shape to ensure that it gets under the gum line. This step is an essential part of general dentistry at home, because it ensures that you are getting a professional-level cleaning with every brushing.

Rinsing is a Key Part of General Dentistry at Home

One thing that most people do not realize they could do to vastly improve their dental health is to start rinsing their mouth after every meal, even if they cannot brush at that moment. General dentistry at home means ensuring that your mouth is free of any sort of food or debris unless you are actively eating. As your dentist in Staten Island, we can recommend a variety of mouth rinses and dental hygiene tools that can help you maintain a healthy mouth even between brushing.

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As your dentist in Staten Island, we always recommend regular checkups and cleanings along with the general dentistry you are performing at home. Contact us today at 718-984-7700 to schedule your appointment, and to learn more about how you can keep your teeth in great shape between checkups. We are happy to demonstrate proper brushing and flossing, and help you find the right tools for the job.