Losing your teeth causes a multitude of problems. Not only can it make you look prematurely aged, it dramatically reduces the functionality of your teeth. If you’ve lost several teeth, chewing can be problematic. Unless you want to run them through a blender first, you can pretty much forget about things like steak or pork chops, and corn on the cob will be off the menu, and you probably won’t be able to enjoy hard fruits or chewy candy. Most people find, that not being able to enjoy their favorite foods is the least of the issue – the worst is not smiling very much, trying not to move their mouth when they talk, and maybe not talking at all out of fear of letting people see their gap-toothed appearance.

Fortunately, with the dental techniques available today, you don’t have to live with a gappy smile. Many people choose dental implants as a way of restoring their appearance, and certainly this is one of the better methods. However, implants aren’t for everyone. For one thing, they’re expensive. Also, some patients may have medical conditions that preclude the installation of implants. When implants aren’t a practical or workable solution, dental dentures can be the next best thing.

You no doubt know that dentures are simply artificial teeth that substitute for your natural teeth, fitting over the bone ridge of the jaw. They can be a bit difficult to wear to start with, because your gums are shrinking. That’s not something that you adapt to right away, and that’s why initially your dentist will fit you with a temporary set of dental dentures. They probably won’t feel great, but they won’t be painful, and you’ll be able to adjust to the way that dentures are going to feel in your mouth. Also, you’ll be able to smile without worrying about your appearance. Then, when your gums have shrunk, you’ll be fitted for permanent dentures. Once you have them fitted, which may take a couple of visits, you’ll find that they work and feel almost the same as your real teeth.

If you’re only missing a few teeth, you might want to consider implant overdentures. They fit on the remaining teeth, and anchored using implants. The advantage is that this type of denture feels completely natural. You might also consider a partial denture or a bridge. These types of dental dentures aren’t very expensive, and can fill in the areas where teeth are missing.

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