There are times when a person, due to an accident or medical condition, will have to have their teeth removed. Sometimes as a precaution in heart surgery, the surgeon requires that a patient with unhealthy teeth and gums have their teeth removed to prevent possible infection from bacteria that could make its way to the heart from the mouth. When all the teeth are removed a full denture is one of the best options for replacing this patient’s teeth.

Full Dentures vs. Implants

Dental implants can be utilized by some patients but the more affordable and, in many cases, the only option is full dentures. Implants are more expensive because they are placed permanently in the mouth. Dentures are less expensive and they are a fine choice for full or partial teeth replacement. At the Dental Studio of Drs. Galligan and Villa, both solutions are available and the best option will be chosen for each patient.

Caring for your new Dentures

Another benefit besides cost is that dentures are removable and much easier to clean. The best way to clean them is by brushing them with a tooth brush and rinsing them with water. This will prevent stains and help to keep them looking as real as natural teeth.

They should be kept in cool water after brushing to prevent them from warping. You will still have to brush your gums and any remaining teeth if you are fitted with a partial denture because dentures need a healthy set of gums to perform their best and brushing will also prevent infection and bad breath.

Full Dentures in Staten Island are an affordable alternative to implants and the Top Rated Dentists in Staten Island can help you with this very important solution to replacing your missing teeth.