Although a root canal is a common dental procedure, there are many people who dread the thought of having one. This is likely because the root canal has received such a bad reputation over the years. People automatically assume it is going to cause them a lot of pain, but that’s just not the case with today’s modern dentistry. We feel you should learn what to expect during a root canal to help you get over any trepidation that you might have.

A root canal is often the fastest and best way to relieve the pain you are feeling in your teeth. It will also allow the dentist to save the tooth. For this reason, most dentists in Staten Island will encourage you to get a root canal, as having your natural tooth is better for the health of your mouth.

During the root canal, the endodontics specialist will remove the infected material from within the tooth, and then will treat the area to make sure there is no further decay. Finally, the dentist will seal the tooth. In some instances, the dentist might need to give you an X-ray to make sure they were able to remove all the material. One of the other things you can often expect during a root canal is having a dental crown placed. This will help to protect your tooth that has had the infected material removed. 

In addition to knowing what to expect during a root canal, you need to think about what happens after. You will want to take the same type of care that you would if you had a filling. This means you will want to treat the area gently for a while and be careful with hygiene until the area has healed.

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