Implant dentistry is one of the best innovations in the world of dentistry. After all, it allows our team at Drs. Galligan and Villa Dental Studio in Staten Island, NY to provide patients with a complete replacement for a lost tooth, or multiple teeth. This preserves the health and stability of the jaw and gum as well as restoring the bite and function of the mouth. However, as your trusted dentist in Staten Island, we understand that you might have worries or questions about the dental implants procedure, and just what you can expect.

Let’s take a bit of time now to explain the dental implants procedure, and help you realize how simple and straightforward it can be when done by our skilled dental implants specialist.

The Basics

As you may know, dental implants are made of three separate pieces. There is the surgically implanted post that replaces the roots of your old tooth. This is what we place in the jaw and what offers support and allows you to use the new tooth like a natural one. At the top is the second piece known as the abutment, and this is used to attach the third piece – the crown.

During your dental implants procedure, you are numbed just as if you were getting a filling. If you would like sedation, we make several kinds available, but it is not mandatory. Our expert then surgically places the post and abutment, topping it with a temporary crown. You can go home and rest for the remainder of the day. We urge you not to use the tooth for at least one day and be careful of poking it with the tongue.

As you might expect, there will be some swelling and a bit of bleeding, but this subsides within the first three days after treatment. Most patients have very little pain or discomfort, and those that do manage it easily with over the counter pain relievers and an ice pack.

Healing must be complete before your new, permanent crown is placed. This takes from three to nine months. After that, you can use the tooth just as you did the original, natural tooth. The dental implants procedure is not at all complicated, and if you do require pre-surgical treatments like bone grafting, our specialist will review these processes and help you make the best plans for success.

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