Dentures FAQs dentures FAQs

In Staten Island, NY, patients of Drs. Galligan and Villa Dental Studios can turn to us for all kinds of restorative dentistry services, including dentures. However, as a preferred dentist in Staten Island, we are always surprised by the misunderstandings so many people have about dentures, and to overcome some of them, we offer these dentures FAQs.

If I am told that dentures are a possible solution, does it mean I have to have all of my teeth removed?

This is put at the top of our dentures FAQs because it represents the most common misunderstanding about dentures. There are always the “full” dentures, which are used when a patient has lost, or will lose, all of their teeth. There are also partial dentures for when you are missing some, but not all of the teeth on the upper or lower jaw. We never jeopardize healthy teeth and do all that we can to keep them healthy. A denture may be suggested because you have lost teeth and we are seeking to restore full function to your mouth.

If I get dentures, does that mean I won’t have to come for regular visits any longer?

Though one of the benefits of dentures is that you don’t have all of the same oral health concerns you once did, we put this as the second of our dentures FAQs because we want to emphasize this issue. With dentures, you still need to visit at least once (preferably twice) each year. This is to allow us to check on the health of your jaws and gums, the fit of the dentures and the health of any remaining teeth. We will also clean the mouth and do an exam for any possible issues.

I was told that dentures wear out quickly…How often do I need to replace them?

Though we would love to give a very clear answer to that in these dentures FAQs, the simple truth is that all patients are different. Typically, you can expect to replace them every five to ten years, and it will be due to any shrinking in your jaw. We can adjust them over the years, but there will come a time when new dentures are necessary.

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Hopefully, these dentures FAQs answered the key questions. If you have additional questions about restorative dentistry, or about any of the other treatments mentioned here, give us a call at our Staten Island, NY office at 718-984-7700. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly. To learn more, read an overview of the procedure.