pros and cons of dental implantsPros and Cons of Dental Implants

Are you still trying to make up your mind about dental implants? If you have teeth that are severely decayed or missing teeth, you have been trying to figure out what type of restorative dentistry might be the best choice for you. You will discover that there are many pros and cons of dental implants, and understanding these can help you determine whether it might be a good option for you.

The Pros of Dental Implants

Naturally, one of the reasons implant dentistry is such a popular choice is because it can drastically improve the aesthetics of a person’s smile. They look like natural teeth and they even feel like natural teeth. In addition to making the smile look better, they will also restore function to the mouth. It will be easier to eat and to speak. It also keeps the jaw healthier. They are comfortable and they are permanent. When you take good care of the implant, it can last for decades.

The Cons of Dental Implants

However, you also need to think about potential cons of dental implants. For some patients, the cost might be prohibitive. Others who do not have adequate bone in the jaw might not be good candidates for the procedure. One of the other only potential cons is the time it takes. It can often take several visits to the dentist before the dental implant is in place and healed fully.

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