pros and cons of dental crownsPros and Cons of Dental Crowns

In the world of restorative dentistry, dental crowns reign as one of the most frequently used solutions. Designed specifically to your needs, they look like teeth and can provide protection and restored function for many years afterward. They can be made in an array of different materials, and Drs. Galligan and Villa Dental Studio in Staten Island, NY want patients to understand the pros and cons of dental crowns of different kinds.

Generally speaking, as your preferred dentist in Staten Island, we are going to offer porcelain or porcelain fused to metal crowns (also called PFM crowns). There are actually different pros and cons of dental crowns of these kinds, and so that is what we will consider now.

The all porcelain crowns are some of the most realistic in appearance, and their advantages include this cosmetic appeal, but also the fact that there is no risk for a dark line where the crown meets the gum. They take only two visits to complete, and they are made of biocompatible material, meaning you won’t suffer any gum irritation or risk of allergies. The downside to them, though includes issues like sensitivity (when teeth can still feel extremes of heat or cold), loss of tooth material (because they can demand that more of the structure is removed) and they can be more costly.

The PFM crowns have their own set of pros and cons of dental crowns, and this includes advantages such as their amazing durability, good fit and general esthetic appeal. Often a bit less costly, they do have a few negatives. They can leave that distinctive line at the gum and they can demand a lot of the tooth be removed.

However, even with some disadvantages, these two types of crowns are so beneficial and effective that they are one of the most frequently provided treatments.

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