Are you an expert on dental crowns? We have put together this helpful dental crowns true or false quiz to clear up some misunderstandings and give our patients in Staten Island a better perspective on what dental crowns can do for them.

True or False – A Dental Crown Is a Whole Prosthetic Tooth

False. While a dental crown will replace the visible portion of your tooth with a prosthetic tooth, it will not replace the root. If you have an infected tooth, you will need a root canal before a crown is placed to save the tooth.

True or False – A Dental Crown Is a Good Solution for a Heavily Damaged Tooth

True. If you have a tooth that has been cracked or chipped, is badly discolored and won’t respond to whitening, or has other problems, a dental crown is probably the best option. Once the tooth is shaved down, the crown can be made to perfectly resemble a healthy tooth.

Have either of these dental crowns true or false questions surprised you yet? The next one might make you think twice.

True or False – Dental Crowns Are Only Used for Restorative Dentistry

Of all of the dental crowns true or false questions we ask our patients, this one is the most often mistaken. It is actually false. If you have one or more teeth that are discolored, uneven, or that otherwise do not look right with the rest of your smile, you can get dental crowns as a cosmetic dentistry treatment for them. Your dentist will take an impression of your mouth, have the crown(s) made, and then shave down the affected tooth or teeth to fit them.

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