When it comes to Cosmetic Dentistry in Staten Island, the procedures can sometimes overlap into the treatment area. One of the problems that can cause pain to a patient is sensitive teeth. The patient may complain of pain but after an examination that reveals no cavities, other remedies will need to be considered.

Sensitive teeth are usually felt when cold or hot drinks come into contact with the teeth. This can be the result of worn tooth enamel or possibly a small chip that doesn’t expose the underlying tooth structure like a cavity, but it offers less protection from temperature changes than an undamaged tooth. Teeth can also become sensitive if the gums have receded and there is some exposure of the tooth’s root.

What can be done about sensitive teeth?

The patient can try desensitizing toothpaste or a fluoride gel to build up the amount of enamel and reduce the sensations. If the tooth is cracked or chipped, or there has been some erosion of the enamel, bonding of the teeth may be the best plan. In bonding, the tooth’s surface is covered with a substance made of porcelain and resins that can match the color of the surrounding teeth. Since there is no tooth decay, the bonding material is placed right on the damaged spot. This should reduce the sensations of hot and cold and leave the patient with an improved smile at the same time.

Similarly, some of this material may be used to cover the exposed root that may be the cause of the tooth’s sensitivity. Dental Bonding in Staten Island is available at Drs. Galligan and Villa Dental Studio. Please contact our office for the best in dental bonding and other cosmetic dentistry treatments.