It does not matter just how or when you suffered a chipped tooth, what is important is that you take all steps possible to get the issue fixed. Drs. Galligan and Villa Dental Studio in Staten Island, NY encourage all patients to discuss the cosmetic dentistry they have available in order to reduce the harmful effects from chipped teeth.

As your preferred dentist in Staten Island, our team has helped many patients address the esthetic issue created by a chipped tooth, yet we encourage patients to book a visit with our cosmetic dentist for health reasons, too. After all, chipped teeth may be due to an injury or accident, and they may make you hide your smile out of a sense of self-consciousness, but that damage to your tooth (or teeth) actually leaves them at risk for an array of problems.

Whenever we meet a patient in search of a solution for chipped teeth, we typically hear that any damaged teeth may have developed some sensitivity to hot or cold, or that they are very sensitive to any sort of pressure. Sadly, many don’t visit until the pulp inside of the tooth has been irritated and even infected, which means restorative work such as a root canal or filling becomes necessary. Instead of risking the health of your teeth, which in turn can lead to general health issues, consider cosmetic dentistry options for chipped teeth straight away.

Treatment Options

The most common treatments used to repair a chipped tooth or teeth include:

The ideal choice will vary based on the location of the tooth and the extent of damage. If you were able to retain the broken piece and/or it is very small, bonding is ideal. If the damage is more significant, veneers offer a perfect mask for the tooth, and if damage is extensive, we can place a crown to save the tooth.

Fix Your Chipped Tooth Today with Cosmetic Dentistry

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