When your teeth and gums are healthy and looked after they always look great…right? Unfortunately, the answer has to be no and even people who get regular checkups and cleaning and who practice optimal oral hygiene can find themselves unhappy with the appearance of their smiles. That is the right time to consult with a cosmetic dentist to discuss your options.

Cosmetic dentistry is a lot more than many realize and while it has the goal of making your smile the very best it can be; it also can make it more functional too. In the cosmetic dentistry FAQs below, you will see how important it is to work with a skilled cosmetic dentist, and one who understands your goals. The team at Galligan & Villa Dental Studio considers each patient unique and in our Staten Island, NY we can offer a full array of cosmetic solutions.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

It is an area of dentistry that looks at the appearance of the smile and uses modern methods for improving it. At our offices, we offer patients solutions such as porcelain veneers, dental implants, dental crowns, Invisalign treatment, teeth whitening and dentures. Each of these can serve as part of the solution for a smile transformation.

How will you know my needs?

The team at Galligan & Villa is skilled in assessing your current dental health and formulating the most workable plans. We ensure that your teeth and gums are in the best conditions possible and then we work with you to determine the right procedures for your goals. Whether it is eliminating that one oddly stained tooth through the use of whitening or veneers or straightening a very widely gapped and misaligned smile with Invisalign, we will ensure you get the results you want.

Do you use the latest technologies?

We are thoroughly committed to remaining up to date and at the cutting edge of cosmetic dentistry. We use digital x-rays, intraoral cameras, oral sedation and the latest diagnoses devices to deliver painless and effective solutions. We keep our team educated and informed so that you can be too and our goal is to give you the best smile through the latest advances.

If you have more questions than have been answered in these cosmetic dentistry FAQs, please give us a call. You can reach us by calling us at (718) 984-7700. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.