How to Care for Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

Do you tend to hide your otherwise healthy teeth when you smile? Is it because they are stained? If so, Drs. Galligan and Villa Dental Studio in Staten Island, NY have tooth whitening options that can help you overcome your struggle and let you smile broadly and widely at all times. Of course, teeth whitening is not a “once and done” remedy, but you can greatly prolong the results by providing proper care for your teeth whitening treatment. Just consider the following tips and tactics:

care for your teeth whitening treatmentAssess your “lifestyle” choices that could be a source of staining or discoloration – Tea and coffee drinkers can suffer from staining quite readily. If you are consuming large quantities of tea, coffee, cola or red wine on a regular basis, cutting back could also help to maintain the whiteness of your smile.

Brush after all meals – Brushing and flossing twice a day (morning and night) is good as a way of doing typical oral hygiene, but if you want to provide premium care for your teeth whitening treatment, consider brushing after eating and drinking and using a fluoride and whitening paste.

Keep up with dental care – When you get your teeth examined and cleaned in our offices at least once (but preferably twice) each year, it is a wonderful way to keep your teeth whiter and healthier. If you want to deliver the best care for your teeth whitening treatment, it is best to start with the regular care from your dentist in Staten Island.

Ask about touch up or at home options – Quite often we can provide you with a way of boosting the whiteness of your teeth without doing a full-blown treatment. We offer take-home solutions that you can use periodically to enhance the brightness of the teeth, or we can suggest whitening toothpastes and over the counter options.

Stop smoking – The biggest culprit where darkening of the teeth is concerned is tobacco use. Smoking just one or two cigarettes daily can be a major factor in the discoloration of your teeth. Giving up this unhealthy habit improves the health as well as the looks of your teeth and gums. If you have had a whitening treatment, maintain it best by cutting your smoking.

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