How to Care for Your Root Canal Treatment

When you have restorative dentistry it is done to get your tooth back to its fullest function and to ensure you keep the tooth over the long term. This tells us a lot about the proper care for any work of this kind. Drs. Galligan and Villa Dental Studio in Staten Island, NY want you to understand proper care for your root canal treatment because it was done to both restore and save the tooth.

As your dentist in Staten Island, we advise root canals when a tooth has infection deep inside the pulp and/or roots. If there is an abscess, it becomes imperative to treat the issue promptly. If things proceed without treatment, the tooth is at risk and you may see surrounding teeth affected too. As a form of restorative dentistry, the root canal removes the infected tissue, treats the tooth, seals it and then requires a full “restoration.” Generally, this means that a temporary “crown” is put in place after your root canal, and you return in a few days to have a permanent crown placed.

To care for your root canal treatment, then, you have to consider it as two phases of care. The first is the days just after the procedure. At that time, you should not eat anything hard or chewy, or even use the treated tooth as it can cause pain and further problems. You will still need to gently clean the teeth and gums to eliminate bacteria.

Once we have placed the crown or fully restored the tooth with a filling, you need to provide the following type of care for your root canal treatment:care for your root canal treatment

  • Give the tooth a few weeks to fully heal before you put it through the rigors of normal wear and tear – in other words, don’t bite or chew things that can create a lot of pressure.
  • Get back to standard brushing and flossing as soon as possible. The new crown or filling will be ready to use as soon as it is placed, and so you’ll want to floss and brush (even using an interdental brush) to keep tooth in prime condition.
  • Get standard oral hygiene care – Apart from the usual daily brushing and flossing, you still need to come in and get at least one cleaning and check up each year. We might also do an x-ray of the tooth to be sure that healing occurred and the tooth is in good condition from top to bottom.
  • Be aware of any trouble – Get in touch the moment you see or experience pain, swelling, or discomfort in your bite pattern.

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