Can You Benefit from Root Canal Treatment? benefit from root canals

If you discover that you require a root canal treatment, you might groan at the news. After all, many people compare it to forms of torment and torture, and yet it is one of the most beneficial, reliable, and simple dental treatments available. In Staten Island, NY, us at Drs. Galligan and Villa Dental Studio encourage all of our patients to take a moment to read about the many ways they can benefit from root canal treatment, and discover how endodontics is never something to dread.

More Advancements Means Simpler Procedures

As your preferred dentist in Staten Island, we want you to reconsider your thoughts or feelings about a root canal. Too often, people think of the treatment in its earliest and oldest forms. Today, this method of endodontics is almost identical to a typical filling in terms of the amount of time it takes, the complexity of the procedure, and the level of discomfort.

A bit of numbing and a bit of time in our office is well worth the many ways you benefit from root canal treatment.

The Benefits

A root canal is a lot like it sounds, a special treatment that is placed in the root of a tooth via a canal that has been created by the dental expert. That treatment is similar to a filling, and it prevents the decay and damage from spreading. A root canal is often required when decay has gone into the pulp of the tooth and is causing severe irritation or infection in the root or nerve area. It can easily worsen into an abscess, and cost you the tooth.

This is the key benefit from root canal treatment – it allows you to retain an adult tooth. Ask any dental expert, and they will all agree that keeping your adult teeth is the best path to oral health and a better quality of life as you age. Without the benefit from root canal treatment, you would have to have the tooth extracted. Not only does a root canal allow you to keep the tooth, it brings pain to an end, and usually includes a new dental crown that eliminates further risk or discomfort to the restored tooth!

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