Can You Benefit From Dental Implants?

Dental implants are often mistaken for cosmetic treatments. While they do, indeed, enhance the appearance of the smile by filling in any empty spaces, supporting bridges, or serving to support a full set of dentures, they are also a remarkable form of restorative dentistry too. In Staten Island, NY, the patients of Drs. Galligan and Villa Dental Studios are encouraged to learn how they can benefit from dental implants beyond the esthetics.

What Dental Implants Do

benefit from dental implantsAs your preferred dentist in Staten Island, we offer general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments, and one of the most modern and multi-functional are dental implants. Not only do they restore the use of your mouth by replacing a missing tooth, but they actually replace the entire tooth. This is unique in the world of dentistry because no other treatments replace the crown along with the roots.

Why would this matter? Well, one way that you benefit from dental implants is that they work with your jawbone and gum tissue to prevent bone loss and tissue atrophy. When you lose an adult tooth, the body knows it and your jawbone begins to be reabsorbed because it is no longer needed. The gum tissue tightens and atrophies. This alters your bite and your appearance, and can cause many problems. An implant, though, stops these processes by tricking the body into believing that the roots are there!

Of course, this outlines another benefit from dental implants, and that is that an implant fills the space created when you lose a tooth. Whenever an unexpected gap opens up in your teeth, which is what happens when you lose a tooth to decay or injury, it allows the neighboring teeth to loosen and even to begin to shift into new positions. This movement alters your healthy and natural bite, causing teeth to wear unevenly, chip or even break, and increases your risk for conditions like TMJ.

Clearly, then, a major benefit from dental implants is that they fill the space above and below the gum line, ensuring your teeth remain in the right positions.

As one of the most successful treatments, they are an option for almost all patients. Even if you do not have adequate bone tissue, we can review the procedure known as a bone graft, to determine if it is a possible treatment.

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