It’s such a sad thing when a person doesn’t want to smile because of discolored or stained teeth. Everyone should be able to smile without having to worry about being judged because of the condition of their teeth, and with modern whitening treatments, it’s possible. You really can have a smile that lights up the whole room!

Of course if you’re considering teeth whitening treatments, you may have looked at, or even tried, commercially available products. The problem with them is that usually they’ll only whiten your teeth by a shade or two, no matter what the hype on the packaging promises. The benefits of teeth whitening done by your dentist are significantly greater. With professional whitening, you can get rid of those so-called “lifestyle stains” that you get from consuming red wine, coffee and tea, or from smoking. It’s also a completely non-invasive procedure, so you don’t have to have your mouth “numbed up” before having the procedure done. The level of whitening can be adjusted so that you can whiten as much or as little as you choose. Only disadvantage is if you have crowns or tooth-colored fillings, they won’t respond to whitening. For that reason, it is advised that if you’re thinking of having a whitening treatment, and you know that you’re going to be needing crowns or fillings, you have the whitening done before the other treatments so that an accurate color match can be achieved.

At Drs. Galligan & Villa Dental Studio in Staten Island, our dentists prefer the KOR whitening method because it’s very effective and also very safe. Ideally, you’ll begin with whitening treatments in our office, and then we’ll give you a kit that you can take home so that you can continue to maintain your brilliant smile without the need for repeated visits. Of course, at some point, you will probably need to come back for another in-office treatment if you’re going to maintain the desired level of whiteness, at which time we’ll set you up with another take-home kit. The KOR system works on even the worst stains, and you’ll find the trays feel quite comfortable in your mouth. Don’t throw money away on commercially available teeth whitening kits when you can get far better results at relatively little cost with professional tooth whitening from your dentist.

KOR whitening treatments will give you the smile you want. The results are long-lasting, and highly effective. Schedule your teeth whitening today by calling our office at 718-984-7700. To learn more about teeth whitening, read our overview blog about teeth whitening.