By now, most of our patients at Drs. Galligan and Villa Dental Studio in Staten Island, NY have heard of the amazing technologies known as dental implants. Created to replace an entire tooth – both roots and crown – they can really support long-term oral health and a much higher quality of life. They are a fantastic form of restorative dentistry, but without proper care any patient can suffer dental implants problems. As your trusted dentist in Staten Island, we want to help you avoid such issues and offer these tips for those who have turned to us for implant dentistry.

Don’t Skip Oral Hygiene

Just because your dental implants are “artificial” teeth, it does not mean they do not need proper oral hygiene. You must brush, floss, use the right mouth washes or rinses and get regular checkups and cleanings. When you receive your implants, our dental implants specialist will review the proper way to care for them while you heal, as well as reviewing proper care after your crowns are placed permanently.

Do Skip Bad Habits

Some of the most common dental implants problems arise because patients return to, or begin, certain habits that compromise the health and strength of the implants. For example, if you were a smoker, and gave it up to get implants, never start smoking again. It is a behavior that jeopardizes the health of your soft tissue and can cause major problems with implants.

The same goes for using teeth as tools or chewing very hard or very sticky things with them. For example, chewing ice or taffy with implants is a big “no-no”. So too is opening things, tapping on your teeth with pens or pencils or doing anything that puts too much pressure on the tooth or teeth.

Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

Finally, once your implants have healed, you should have no swelling, bleeding or pain. If you do experience any warning signs or trouble, get in touch and report dental implants problems.

Having Problems with Your Dental Implants? Contact Us Today

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