No one wants to hear that they require the treatment known as a root canal. Unfortunately, this remarkably beneficial option has earned a lousy reputation over time, and though it saves the adult tooth and restores it to full function and good health, many patients at Galligan & Villa Dental Studio become upset when told they require this treatment in our Staten Island, NY. That is why we review the many pros and cons of root canal treatment and explain the reason it is such a great opportunity.

First, among the pros and cons always has to be the “pro” that a root canal allows you to keep the adult tooth. It is a method that eliminates the infection in the pulp or nerve area and stops it from making its way any further. Leaving a tooth that has become infected due to damage, breakage, or disease alone is always going to lead to a serious problem. Generally, it can cause incredible pain but can lead to abscess in the bone or even greater infection.

So, the pro of the root canal is that it halts this ongoing trouble and preserves the tooth. This leaves the cons and one of the only realistic downsides is that it is a lengthier treatment that can be uncomfortable. However, as the staff of our Staten Island office often explains to patients, we use so many modern technologies that we can ensure that there is almost no discomfort at all.

As a prime example, we can use sedation that does not require injections but which will allow you to feel no anxiety or pain of any kind throughout. We also use advanced x-ray technology that ensures we know where all of the roots are located and how to reach them for treatment.

How can you be sure you are a candidate for this procedure? Your dental team will help you make the right choices. The process involves the treatment of the infection and the removal of the material that has decayed. It also involves the restoration of the tooth. Often, a great deal of the tooth will need to be removed to access the pulp or nerve area. If your tooth can be handled in this way, it is likely we will recommend the root canal.

If you have more questions or concerns about this procedure, please give us a call. You can reach us by phoning us at (718) 984-7700. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.