Do you know about dental implants? They sound frightening to some because they involve the surgical implantation of an artificial tooth into the jaw and gum. However, you really should consider dental implants if you have had them recommended to you. Why? There are many reasons that this is a wise choice, but the team at Galligan & Villa Dental Studio in Staten Island, NY would tell you that these five are the key reasons:

  • They preserve the jawbone. When you lose an adult tooth, it is not just the crown but also the roots. The nerves and blood vessels sense the loss and this leads to atrophy. This atrophy is a shrinking of the tissue and that actually causes the jawbone to shrink too.
  • Dental implants preserve the appearance of the face. When you lose adult teeth and your jawbone begins to recede, it causes major changes in the appearance of your face. Not only will missing teeth cause that collapsed look, but without implants, your skin begins to wrinkle and sag too. You will look much older than you are when you do not replace missing or lost teeth.
  • Quality of life. Dental implants look just like natural teeth because they are capped with crowns that match any remaining teeth. This lets you smile freely, speak like normal and eat anything you ate before you lost the teeth. They also keep your jaw in its original alignment, reducing the risk of TMJ, headache or neck pain.
  • Keep teeth aligned. Losing a single tooth causes the other teeth to loosen and move about too. This leads to problems like TMJ, bruxism, cracked teeth, and even decay or wear. Replacing that missing tooth, or teeth, prevents the shifting.
  • Durability. While dentures are functional and overcome many issues, they need to be replaced periodically. The long-lasting nature of implants means that you can go for a few decades before you need to consider the condition of crowns.

If you have been told to consider dental implants, it is rarely just for the cosmetic benefits. They are extremely helpful in maintaining your health and quality of life. They do take some time and can be a bit more challenging than faster solutions, but dental implants are a wise investment for a happier and healthier future.

If you are interested in discussing dental implants with our team, please give us a call. You can reach us by phoning us at (718) 984-7700. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.