5 Misconceptions about Root Canals

Does the mere mention of root canal therapy make you want to go and hide under the covers? You are not alone. You are probably very much in the majority of the population that has a lot of misconceptions about root canals. The fact is, though, you have nothing to fear from root canal therapy. Thanks to modern dental technology, root canal therapy is fast, effective, and yes, even painless.

We need to talk about the misconceptions about root canals. There are five very common myths that may make you reluctant to consider root canal, but once you know the truth, you will have a very different perspective. So, here are the myths, and the truth.

  1. Root Canals Are Painful

This could not be further from the truth. Root canals are connected with pain, yes. But it has a very bad, very much undeserved reputation. Most of the time, patients need root canals because they are in pain – it is that pain that brings them to the dentist office. The root canal procedure in and of itself is painless, because your dentist does it using a local anesthetic. The procedure actually eases the pain that brought you to the dentist.

You need a root canal when a cavity is left untreated, spreads to the tooth pulp and results in infection. It is the infection that causes the pain. The root canal treatment takes the pain away.

  1. Root Canal Therapy Requires Multiple Visits to the Dentist

No. In most cases, root canal therapy can be done easily in just one visit.

  1. Root Canals Do Not Last

We are not going to tell you that you will never need an extraction following a root canal – it does happen, but not all that often.

  1. You Might as Well Just Have the Tooth Pulled

Some patients prefer to have an extraction, particularly if their overall dental health is not good, and they are anticipating even more extractions in the not-too-distant future. However, most of the time, the better course of action is to save the natural tooth.

  1. You Cannot Have a Root Canal if the Tooth is Infected

This is one of the misconceptions about root canals that puzzles us the most – why would you think that? The whole purpose of root canal therapy is to remove the infected tooth root. Now, granted, if the infection is bad enough that it has progressed to adjacent teeth, your dentist may want to prescribe antibiotics to ease the infection to the point where the root canal can be done. But infection in and of itself most definitely does not mean that you cannot have root canal treatment.

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